One World Mobile App: Where does my aid go?

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Search in your App Store for ‘One World Where Does My Aid Go’ or find the android version here. iPhone version coming soon.


Where does the Dutch budget for development aid go? The OneWorld Where does my aid go? shows which countries receive money and what they do with it based on IATI information. As well as displaying aid project information, the app informs users about the conditions in the countries that receive aid, like the national income per capita, life expectancy, CO2 emissions per capita, etc. The application also includes news updates from

The app makes uses of striking Creative Commons photography to offer an engaging way to get key statistics, or detailed project information, on where development aid is being spent.

Right now, the One World app is just focussed on the IATI data released by the Netherlands government, although the developers, One World Netherlands and Lind+ad are explores ways to broaden use of the app to new contexts.

Tools and technologies

The app was built for Android in the default environment. An iPhone version is in the works. Behind the scenes is a website that was built in PHP and a MySQL database. Discussions about how to open source elements of this are currently ongoing.

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