RHOK: Mapping Donor Projects

Screenshot and link

Explore the prototype application online, or access the source code.


As part of a Random Hacks of Kindness project, a team in Oxford turned their attention this weekend to creating a flexible map-based visualisation of aid projects, working to a brief from Oxfam GB and using their recently published IATI data.

The resulting open source prototype builds on the same API as the AidView application to allow a detailed drill-down into activities – starting from categories and displaying a heat-map of projects.

The goal for the application is that it could be expanded to include additional media and content on the projects listed, giving donors publishing IATI data an instant set of tools to raise awareness of their own on their own websites.

Source code and license

The tool has been developed using javascript and node.js and is available on GitHub.

Contact the authors for license details.

It is hoped that agencies interested in this sort of display of IATI data will get involved to develop this further.


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