AidView (alpha)

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A prototype will be available to access from the IATIRegistry soon.


AidView has been designed by White October to provide an interface onto IATI data optimise for tablet devices such as the iPad or Android tablets – demonstrating the potential of making aid information available at decision-makers fingertips.

The alpha version of AidView provides a simple interface to drill-down to locate aid activities by funder, country or sector – presenting projects using a ‘bubble view’ and allowing users to fetch in-depth data-file profiles of particular funders, countries, or other activity sets.

AidView also includes a ‘dashboard’ where users can collect details of activities of interest to them. Each element from the datafiles and from individual activity pages will be made available as a widget to embed into third party websites, and there are plans for an wide-range of widgets to show funding profiles, geographic locations and other detailed information on projects.

Future developments

The alpha version of AidView has been deployed in time for the Busan High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, to show the potential of IATI Data.

Following Busan the team hope to secure support to develop it further, building a wider range of features to make aid information accessible as widely as possible.

You can contribute your ideas for developments to AidView on UserVoice.

Technical details and source code

The interface of AidView uses Node.js and is deployed to Heroku, whilst the backend API uses the eXist XML database deployed to ElasticHosts cloud hosting.

The source code for the interface is available on GitHub.

AidView builds on a wide variety of open source projects including: eXistNode.js,jQueryunderscore.jsHTML Boilerplateexpress.js.

The backend API will be released soon.



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