Linking Aid and Country Budgets Data (Uganda Pilot)

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This pilot using data gathered by ODI and Publish What You Fund Researcher, and visualised using Open Spending, demonstrates the possibility of linking open aid data, with detailed country budget information.

View live online.


Building on research by the Overseas Development Institute to map donor aid to Uganda with the countries own budget information, Publish What You Fund and the Open Spending project of the Open Knowledge Foundation have mapped donor funding information from 2003- 2006 onto Uganda government budget details to create an interactive visualisation showing the balance of donor and government funding work across a range of sectors.

The project, further described in the Guardian, makes it possible to see in each sector how much funding came direct from the government, how much came via direct budget support from donors, and how much was spend through independent donor projects. A break-down of projects and aid activities in each sector is available to allow more in depth exploration of the data.

Future Developments

Whilst this pilot relies upon data gathered between 2003 – 2006, with the growing availability of project-level data through IATI creating this sort of analysis on a country-by-country level will become easier in future.

Tools and code

The project makes use of the Open Spending platform, and visualisation interfaces developed as part of Open Spending. Mark Brough of Publish What You Fund, and members of the Open Spending team have developed custom scripts to process and import the data.


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