IATI Data – Ruby Application – Faceted Browsing

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View the early alpha version here, or check out the Ruby on Rails source code.


This early prototype Ruby on Rails application has a ‘package management’ interface allowing users to choose particular IATI files to import via the IATI Registry. It then makes these activities available to view and browse.

Future additions will include visualisation of data, and the ability to easily exports small extracts of the data (e.g. transactions for a single project).

The code is under active development by Mark Brough.


What features do you need from a tools that allows you to search across IATI Activities from different donors? Add your thoughts to the comments below this post, or in the Using IATI area of the Knowledge Base.

Source code

Mark’s source code is available in Git Hub here: https://github.com/markbrough/IATI-Data

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